Media Release

May 30, 2011

The Tomato Fresh Food Café's four year run off Broadway has come to a close.

Amongst the first of Vancouver's freshest thinking restaurants, 20 years after opening its first guest through the iconic entrance on 17th & Cambie Street, the Tomato Fresh Food Café has shut its doors at 2486 Bayswater Street: effective May 30, 2011.

For owner Christian Gaudreault, the closure is less a loss than a lesson in translation. Displaced from its iconic home during the economic stress of the RAV Line construction, the Tomato Fresh Food Café never truly found its footing off Broadway.

While much worked well, the math of the larger space made the final decision after four years of striving to find a fruitful future for the Tomato Fresh at the Bayswater location. Though the regional, seasonal menus were further buoyed by a stone pizza oven, the capacity doubling to 130 seats and shift in demography failed to find firm soil for the Tomato Fresh to transplant its roots.

"It was a challenge from the start with the economy and I think that the larger tomato is not always the sweeter one," said Gaudreault, who discussed the decision with staff a week earlier. "While this is goodbye and thank you from the Tomato Fresh Food Café for now, we have a smaller, more intimate room in mind for the future."